For Lil Wayne's 'Weezy Wednesdays' series, he's choosing to give his daughter Reginae some shine by debuting the new video for her song 'Mind Goin' Crazy.'

"This week it's all about my daughter though, so shout out to all the Reginators out there," he proudly states. "I know y'all saw her do her thing at the awards. She repped us, you dig. I want y'all to know that's she's officially stamped as a Young Money artist."

Wayne also said the name of his daughter's upcoming album will be called, 'Become A Reginator.'

The song is pretty much about female empowerment, as the 16-year-old talks about buying her own stuff, and not relying on a man. "Shop around by myself, buying things by myself / Bring out the bags all myself, can't forget the diamonds I deserve," she sings.

The visuals are comprised of bright colors and youthful energy, as Reginae dances, sings, raps and positions herself as a female boss, despite the fact that she's still of high school age.

It'll be interesting to see if she makes a big splash with this release, especially since she's been trying to establish a singing career for quite some time. But with an impressive 38,000 YouTube hits in under 24 hours, some might say she's well on her way to carving out a lane of success for herself.