If you're going to rep a gang or hold it down for a particular color or set, you better expect someone to call you on it. Just ask Lil Wayne, who was confronted by a Crips gang member on July 29, after he performed at the Supperclub in Los Angeles, Calif.

While leaving the venue and heading to his vehicle with rumored girlfriend Christina Milian, he was approached by a man in a blue bucket hat.

"Ay Wayne, Ay Wayne, Wayne. Big Magic here," the angry guy said. "You better check in n----. Magic, n----. 87 gangsta, n----. Crip. Straight up. Crip, n----. Straight up, n----. Crip, n----. F--- Suge, n----. Crip, n----. N----- can't say s---. You can call who you want to. Birdman, anybody."

Wisely, Wayne didn't respond. He just got in his ride and it soon drove off. Of course this isn't the rapper's first run-in with L.A. gang members. Back in 2008, he was approached by another set of Crips, led by rapper 40 Glocc.

Over the last several years, Weezy has claimed allegiance to the Bloods, and is often seen sporting red.