You may not have taken Lil Wayne for much of a battle rap fan, but last weekend's Total Slaughter showdowns were all he talked about in the latest episode of his 'Weezy Wednesdays' vlog this week.

Breaking off from working on his upcoming album, 'Tha Carter V,' Young Mula weighed in on Murda Mook and Loaded Lux's rematch. Even though Mook took the W, Weezy let fans know he's rocking with Lux, who came up alongside Young Money rapper and fellow Harlem native Jae Millz. "I'm letting y'all fans know now, I ain't f---ing with Mook," he joked.

Weezy also gave his two cents on Hollow Da Don's victory over Joe Budden. "If you view it the way I do it, as a sport or as something to do, it doesn't take too much away from you by losing, if you're an artist like me," he explained in the Slaughterhouse rapper's defense. "You didn't lose your title or position in music."

However, Wayne still has the upmost respect for battle rapping and admits that it's something he couldn't do himself. "I think what they do is very, very, very f---ing cool, very dope, it can't be done by many," he said." I'll be the first to say it can't be done by me."

Who knows? Maybe when 'Tha Carter V' is wrapped up we'll see Lil Wayne make a special appearance at a battle event, just like his homie Drake did three years ago.