UPDATE (July 4):

A source close to the situation has issued a statement to XXL. It reads: "During Uzi’s set at Wireless Fest, fans threw multiple cellphones onto the stage and inadvertently struck him. He merely attempted to clear the phones from the stage, avoid slipping and safely continue his performance—he never intentionally directed it at a specific individual."


During his headlining performance at U.K.’s Wireless Festival, Lil Uzi Vert threw a phone into the crowd and it allegedly hit a woman in the head, leaving her with a bloody injury.

On Sunday (July 3), TikTok user @ccornonmycob (aka Drilla G) posted a series of videos showing the bloody aftermath of Lil Uzi Vert throwing a phone full speed into the crowd during his performance at the Wireless Festival on July 1. In the first clip, you can see the Eternal Atake artist hyping up the crowd before he performs his 2016 song, “Money Longer.” Then Uzi turns around, bends down to pick up a phone and throws it high and far into the crowd.

In another clip from the video, a series of photos are shown of the woman's bloodied head, which she claims was from the phone that Lil Uzi Vert hurled into the crowd. There’s also a video of her being escorted by security, presumably to a medical facility.

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An additional clip from Drilla G details what happened during the incident. “I am the chick that got her head smashed in by the phone,” she explains, adding that another person allegedly got hit with the same phone as well, but she wouldn’t identify him. “Yes, there was some damage caused, but the guy got his phone back and everything is being dealt with." She added that there was no way for her to dodge the phone because it was so packed at the festival. “And even if I did [move out of the way] it would have hit someone either way, [the phone] wouldn’t hit [the ground] first, “ she stated.

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The woman didn’t detail how serious her head injury was or explain how "everything is being dealt with" concerning the incident.

XXL has reached out to Lil Uzi Vert’s reps as well as the Wireless Festival for comment.

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