Are Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti friends, frienemies or none of the above? That's the question fans of the two rappers have been trying to figure out as of late. Uzi recently added more fuel to the speculation with the many head-scratching tweets he's been posting on Twitter.

On Friday night (April 17), Uzi responded to producer Maaly Raw giving a rave review of Carti's new single "@ Meh" with a crying laughing emoji. On Saturday (April 18), he randomly tweeted at Carti with a Dracula and crying laughing emoji.

This continues a string of puzzling posts made by Uzi in correlation with Carti that have people wondering what the hell is up between the once frequent collaborators. The public was first officially made aware that the two were not seeing eye to eye when Uzi revealed they were no longer on good terms last November.

Most recently, Uzi's continued to comment on Carti surrounding the release of "@ Meh." He posted the cover art on his IG Story along with the caption, "Just Meh," leaving people wondering if he was cosigning or dissing the cut.

Carti later hinted at dropping something on Monday (April 20) and Uzi then revealed he had something up his sleeve on Monday as well, seeming to add validity to the assumption the Philly artist was talking about Carti when Uzi randomly tweeted, "Soon as HE drop imma drop again," shortly after the release of Eternal Atake in March.

The whole time, Carti has been mum on the topic. Is this friendly competition or is there some underlying issues? Time will tell.

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