Rapper Lil Scrappy is being accused of leaving a hotel room in disarray after having a wild party. According to TMZ, the VH1 reality star performed a concert Saturday (Nov. 23) in McAllen, Texas and after the show, headed back to the hotel room, which was paid for by the promoter, and partied like a rockstar.

The promoter told the gossip website that police arrived at the hotel because of the loud noise and discovered the room was completely trashed -- from drink splatter on the walls, to a damaged hotel phone and buffalo wing sauce strewn all over the carpet.

Subsequently, the hotel slapped the unidentified promoter with a $2,000 bill for the damages and now he wants Scrappy to reimburse him or else.

Scrappy reportedly told TMZ that he was at the party for a few minutes but he left. The 'Money in the Bank' rapper feels he’s not obligated to pay for anything because he didn’t vandalize the hotel room.

In the end, Lil Scrappy had fun in Texas and he gave his fans a great show. You want proof? Check out the photo below:

Caption: "I must say even tho it was freezing an I was sick Victoria tx turnt up with us last niznyee"