Before Lil Nas X became one of today’s hottest rap stars, he'd already left his mark on social media.

In an interview with Paper magazine, the “Old Town Road” rapper offered some insight on his pre-fame online activities. Although Nas X doesn't confirm that he curated the infamous NasMaraj Twitter account, he does admit to having gone viral a bunch of times. The 20-year-old Georgia native also says he went too far with some of the things that he did.

"I do try to stay positive online," he said. "A lot of the stuff I used to do years before would sometimes go too far. I know I have a platform now, so there's more of a need to make sure nothing is hurtful or too crazy."

Since he came out as a gay man last month, Nas X has faced comments from homophobes on the web. He hasn't let that get to him, though.

"Even dealing with mean people, I can do it because I understand them," he said. "I used to sometimes say mean shit for no reason. I know that when people say things they're just thoughts that might be there today but I'm not going to care about tomorrow. What am I even gaining from acknowledging it?"

As for his plans in the future, Lil Nas X is working on his debut album.

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