Lil Durk has finally been reunited with his father, who he calls Big Durk. Earlier this week (Feb. 12), the Chicago rapper tweeted that his pops Dontay Banks has been released from prison after he served nearly 25 years behind bars for selling crack-cocaine in Chicago back in the early 1990s. Today (Feb. 14), XXL has confirmed that Banks has been released from prison.

Durk kept his announcement about his father's release short and sweet, tweeting, "Big durk home !!!!💙"

In the past, Durk has said that his father played a big role in his neighborhood while he was growing up. Banks was caught up in a crack-cocaine distribution ring, and was arrested in 1993.

Banks reportedly had up to $8 million dollars in his possession at the time of his arrest, and that money was seized from him and his associates by the FBI. In July 1994, The Chicago Tribune reported that Banks had been sentenced to life in prison. Banks served 22 years before he won his appeal. Today, Banks is finally able to be with his son, who just dropped his new song "No Label."

This news comes nearly half a year after Durk signed to Alamo Records. Speaking with XXL at the time, he explained his motivation for linking with the label after departing Def Jam.

"No matter where you go, you wanna be the priority," Durk said at the time. "If I went to Pluto or Mars, I wanna be priority and they give it to me. Anything I ask for, they give it to me with open arms. If I’m down to shoot a video with whoever, they behind it, supporting it. They ain’t coming up with no excuses. They let me feel my music out. If I wanna go with this as a single, they let me go with it without questions. They put they input in, but they input is important."

See Durk's tweet about being reunited with his father for yourself below.

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