Lil Boosie will finally get his chance to greet fans on the road. During a routine probation hearing on Thursday (March 15), the New Orleans rhymer was sentenced to 100 hours of community service and allow to travel.

Boosie, who was released from prison after serving 52 month in jail, is serving out his four years of probation stemming from a 2009 guilty plea to marijuana possession. He must also undergo random drug testing while on probation.

At a press conference after his release, the 'Wipe Me Down' rapper said he has written over 1,000 songs while he was incarcerated. Now that he is free, he plans to embark on a tour at the end of the month.

"You can’t expect someone to come home and not feed his family," said Boosie. “We are gonna make it work."

According to the Advocate, District Judge Chip Moore ordered Boosie to visit schools in New Orleans to talk with students about the dangers of drugs and the importance of staying in school.

“The judge feels like he could be a positive influence on young children, in terms of the necessity of children avoiding some of the trouble they find themselves getting into periodically,” said Lewis Unglesby, one of three attorneys representing Boosie after the hearing.

Judge Moore also commended Boosie for getting his GED in prison and completing substance abuse, parenting and anger management classes.

“I will track your progress,” said the judge.

Boosie’s next probation review is scheduled for July 18.