Lil B was caught capping on Soulja Boy earlier today when he claimed Wiz Khalifa was the first rapper on Twitter. Big Draco had to proves him wrong.

On Monday morning (Jan. 31), Lil B jumped on his Twitter page and tweeted that Wiz Khalifa was the first rapper on Twitter.

“Wiz Khalifa was the 1st rapper I seen on twitter this was during MySpace he was already huge on twitter! - Lil B,” he wrote.

Soulja Boy caught wind of the Based God’s tweet and figuratively told him, “Hold my beer.” The Atlanta rapper responded with a tweet featuring screenshots of Wizzy’s Twitter header—which states that Wiz joined the social media platform in 2009—and his own Twitter header—which shows that Soulja joined Twitter in 2008.

Soulja captioned the tweet, “Check the dates. Why u just cap like that?” along with a blue cap emoji.

That’s a fair question. If Lil B had just taken a cursory glance at Soulja’s Twitter account, he could have seen that Big Draco was tweeting a year before Wiz jumped on the platform. In fact, Soulja made a huge impact on MySpace, SoundCloud and YouTube in 2008, as well.

Last week, Soulja tried to claim that he was the one to start the money message trend first, but 50 Cent had to correct him. This was in response to the popular #moneychallenge on Instagram in which rappers and fans spell out messages with $100 bills or smaller currency.

The "She Make It Clap" rapper hopped on his Instagram page and claimed he was the first to start the trend, sharing a still shot from his 2016 video "Stacks on Deck," where he spelled out his name in $20 bills.

Then Fif shared on his IG account a 2014 image of himself with the word "Broke" spelled out next to him in what appears to be stacks of $100 bills. The photo was taken during his July 2016 bankruptcy case after a judge ruled that he had to pay creditors $23 million over five years.

Nevertheless, Soulja Boy can be credited for a lot of firsts on social media. Just make sure you fact-check first.

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