We all know that Lil B has a unique fashion sense, but his recent attire is a bit odd. The Bay Area rhymer appeared on ESPN’s SportsNation on Monday (June 15) to talk about the NBA and which basketball stars are cursed (or not) by him.

What really got viewers in a tizzy is what Lil B was wearing during the segment. The “Wonton Soup” rapper looks like someone’s grandmother at church, wearing a sun hat, antique earrings and a lace blouse, which revealed his tattoos.

Among the b-ball players who have been cursed by the Based God include Kevin Durant for backing out on playing a game of one-on-one with him and LeBron James who was seen flicking his wrist.

As for reactions to Lil B’s wardrobe, some folks were confused by his attire while others praised him as a fashion icon.

We'll refrain from commenting on his clothes because we certainly don't want to be cursed by the Based God.

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