When Lil B dropped his gargantuan mixtape Thugged Out, Pissed Off mixtape late last year, it included a lot of unexplainable lyrics, including some stray shots at The Weeknd. "Call me Lil Bars with the XO Bars / Saying fuck The Weeknd, I can't sing that soft," he says on "For The Record" (above) before later saying, "A lot of suckas fake, so I can't respect it / Fuck The Weeknd, put that on record."

No one knew why Lil B dissed The Weekend in the first place, but in a new cover story for ILY Mag, the Bay Area rapper simply owns up to his mistake and apologizes to the Toronto pop star.

"I want to give a shout out to The Weeknd," says Brandon. "I want to apologize and take back saying, 'Fuck The Weeknd.' I said it for no reason and thought about why back when I said it. It’s because he un-followed me on Twitter and I felt weird about that, and I thought back to that moment and said, “Why’d I do that?” That’s not right. The Weeknd is a good guy—I talked to him before everything really blew up, and he told me how he felt. I definitely want to apologize about what I said about The Weeknd, and I want him to know that.

"I’m not scared to admit if I’m wrong, after I analyze it," he continues. "If I feel that I’m wrong or there’s somebody that I love and trust that says that I’m wrong, I can accept that and bring that to a discussion. I’m not afraid to learn."

Lil B has always had a unique honesty to his persona. And here it's no different. Props to Lil' Bars for manning up and admitting he was wrong. Rap would be better off if more rappers had the strength to do so.

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