Parkhurst Field has given a "home-field advantage" to baseball players in Gloversville, New York for over a century.

It was built in 1906, and has played host to some of the most legendary names in the game of baseball, while also hosting the youth players of the Capital Region since that time. Time has taken its toll on the old ballyard, however, and it's in need of an upgrade.

Luckily, a company based in Upstate New York has come to its rescue.

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Stewart's Shops Pledges $100K to Fix, Upgrade Parkhurst Field

As reported by The Times Union earlier today, Stewart's Shops has donated $100,000 to the Parkhurst Field Foundation, with the intention of aiding multiple improvements being made at Gloversville's Parkhurst Field.

The first, and probably most notable, improvement being made is the installation of a $3.5 million grandstand around the big diamond, which you can see in the photo above. One would have to imagine that adding a grandstand will allow Parkhurst Field to host events with bigger crowds, something that would bring in more money to continue to improve the field.

The report also mentions that the money will help the foundation improve the other baseball fields around the big diamond, creating a more prestigious baseball complex that will be able to host multiple tournaments each summer.

Just how much of a benefit will this be to the community? Early estimates say that the complex could bring $1.8 million worth of positive economic impact per year after it's completion.

While the financial benefit is undoubtedly important, we haven't even mentioned the best part of this story: thousands of kids will be able to play baseball at a top-notch facility. It's extremely expensive and time-consuming for local communities to build, and maintain, high-quality baseball fields for local players. Every time you think you've made it better, Father Time and Mother Nature tell you otherwise.

The money donated by Stewart's Shops will go a long way for the construction and maintenance efforts at Parkhurst Field, but will go even further for kids in the Gloversville area for years to come.

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