Who says you can't go home again? It's obvious that particular saying means nothing to LeBron James, who made the shocking announcement in July that he was returning to his home state of Cleveland to play for his former team the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Since the announcement, the 29-year-old NBA player has been in a handful of commercials, the latest for Beats by Dre's wireless headphones. In the newly released ad, you can see shots of Akron, Ohio, where James grew up, and hear his mother speak of how proud she is of him, and how happy she is that he's coming back home.

"This is the city that raised you," she says. "I'm so proud of you. Welcome home son," as Hozier's 'Take Me to Church' plays in the background.

The footage also shows the basketball phenom returning to his former high school and visiting the school gym, where he stands at the free-throw line, stares at the basket and reflects. From there, you can see James vigorously working out, while using a pair of red Dre headphones.

The black-and-white footage, sentimental music and shots of the inner city makes the ad look and feel similar to the Gatorade commercial centered on Derek Jeter's retirement that aired last month.

The Cleveland Cavaliers' first game of the regular 2014 season will be on Oct. 30 against the New York Knicks.