Latham is about to be boomin’, literally and figuratively. The frequently forgotten shopping establishment, Latham Circle Mall, is about to be turned into a pile of rubble. According to a Times Union article, developers are preparing removal of the mall.

The lot won’t remain vacant for long. An outdoor plaza, much like Clifton Park Center, is going to replace the mall. The plaza will be called Shoppes at Latham Circle. The only lots that aren’t a part of demolition plans are occupied by Lowes, J.C. Penney and the now vacated Regal Cinemas.

The theater dipped out earlier this month but an entertainment venue is a part of the plans. Whatever they come up with will most likely be moved into the now vacant theater.

A Wikipedia page details the history of the mall. The idea of an outdoor plaza is actually going to return the space to what it was when it opened. It was an open-air shopping plaza in 1957 when it was called Latham Corners Shopping Center. It wasn’t until 1977 that they converted to an indoor mall.

Over the years the mall has had a lot of turnover. Some former tenants include Woolworth, Boston Store, Caldor, Old Country Buffet, Burlington Coat Factory and Stein Mart.  Man.... with a line-up like that, how did they NOT flourish?? #sarcasm