Could this storm be the one that makes up for our snowfall deficit this year?

Snow Storm
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For those of us who love snow, this winter has surely been a disappointment so far. We have not gotten that one big snowmaker, and overall we just have not gotten to enjoy the splendor of a fresh blanket of powder as much as frequently as we normally would.

Even if you are not crazy about snow, but love hunkering down for a couple of days after that one big snowfall every year for a whole lot of hot chocolate and movies this winter has been pretty much a letdown.

Two Storms Coming To Upstate NY This Week

That could have changed in a BIG way this week with 2 big storms coming through the area. The first of those two will just be rain for us here in the Capital Region Tuesday into Wednesday, according to the National Weather Service.

The second storm coming later this week is the one we need to watch for snow.

Albany Forecast Calls For Late Week Snowstorm- How Much Will We Get?

Photo by Robert Linder on Unsplash
Photo by Robert Linder on Unsplash

The Weather Channel is watching a "potential winter storm" to kick off on Thursday night with 3 to 5 inches falling overnight, with the chance for another 5 to 8 to fall on Friday. All told, this one could deliver over a foot of snow to the Capital Region.

Yes, this is the way too early forecast, and like any storm snowfall totals are a moving target. If this winter has taught us anything, every storm can turn into a near miss. But for all of us snow lovers, we can dream. And as I have been watching this one develop over the last few days the snowfall predictions have been going up. So grab one last bag of rock salt and gas up the snowblower!

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