The New Year has kicked off with several Capital Region stores announcing they will close up shop, and now the owners of a long-time furniture store have announced they are retiring.

As we kick off 2022 and get ready for what will hopefully be a great year ahead (One in which this crazy pandemic hopefully comes to an end!), some local businesses are getting ready to close their doors for various reasons. While we all hate to see any local business close for any reason, these closings are not necessarily a sign of the doom and gloom we have come to expect during the pandemic. Some are a sign of owners simply getting ready to move on to the next phase, and others are restructurings and retoolings.

Pandemic related or otherwise, the business landscape in the Capital Region is continually evolving - if there is one thing we can always count on, it is change. The good news is we have heard about plenty of new business openings of late to balance those that are closing up and moving on.

We will kick this list off below with the most recent closing to come about, which will involve what the Daily Gazette calls a "landmark" furniture store in the Capital Region. Here is what you can expect in the months ahead:

5 Capital Region Retail Stores Set To Close In the New Year

Restructuring, retirements, COVID, and more are behind several Capital Region businesses getting ready to close their doors in 2022.The lastest of which is a local furniture store that has been operating across 9 decades. Here are the changes you can expect in the Capital Region retail landscape in the months ahead.

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