Lady Gaga may or may not be releasing 'Gypsy' as her third single from 'ARTPOP.' It's an unconfirmed rumor. But there's bigger things to consider regarding Gaga, the album and her overall career.

'Gypsy' is a big, Gaga-esque track about loving her fans while she traipses the globe living the gypsy life.

The news of a possible new single comes despite the fact that a video for her second, R. Kelly-assisted single 'Do What U Want (which got a remix in the form of a Christina Aguilera appearance), remains MIA. We only saw naughty photos from the video in December.

So where is that vid? Why are we still waiting a month later? Will it be permanently shelved? Right now, the 'Applause' video is the visual for official singles.

The new single info and details to the contrary also come amid the news that her former manager Troy Carter, who she fired in November, has taken on three high profile, big name clients in the form of John Mayer, Miguel and Sky Ferreira.

Mayer and Miguel are said to have finalized their deals at the end of 2013, joining Carter's Atom Factory as clients. Ferreira, whose pop career has been messy thus far, took to Facebook to reveal she had linked up with Carter's crew.

Gaga, meanwhile, has not announced the hire of a new manager to replace Carter. A lot of industry insiders have felt that firing Carter was one of Gaga's biggest missteps of the somewhat disastrous 'ARTPOP' cycle. They were a well-matched pair, but she has gone online to suggest that there was betrayal by her team. One can only surmise that Ma Monster was speaking about her ex-manager when she said that she represented dollar signs and nothing more to some people in her former inner circle.

Below is Ferreira's post about her new representation: