Despite the fact that the number of deaths caused by the coronavirus in the U.S. neared 100,000 on Monday, more and more people were out this past Memorial Day Weekend. Many of those people decided to forget social distancing.

With reports and images of large gatherings, crowded beaches and pool parties across the country, it seems as though folks have forgotten the dangers of coronavirus or they just don't care. Ive personally seen so many people without masks and definitely not practicing social distancing. This virus has not changed, it is just as infectious as before. People just don't seem to care about the recommended guidelines or risks.

I understand that businesses want to open up because they have been losing money and people want to get out because they haven't been out. But theres an even greater cost at hand. I won't be surprised if there is an increase in cases and hospitalizations within the next 2-3 weeks nationwide. People, specifically Americans, are being way to complacent about this. And it doesn't help that we have a poor leadership example in the Whitehouse. If we are going to ever get ahead of this virus everyone needs to be proactive and diligent otherwise the trend could start going way up again as some researchers are predicting this fall.

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