Kodak Black is calling out Kanye West and still pledging his allegiance to former President Donald Trump, with the South Florida rapper saying he thinks the twice-impeached POTUS should be the Commander-in-Chief in perpetuity.

On Wednesday (Oct. 19), Kodak Black hopped on Instagram Live and weighed in on the recent Kanye West drama, calling out Ye for his recent talk of running for president in 2024.

“Kanye West, boy, your ass bat-shit crazy. You is not gon’ be no damn president, boy,” Kodak vented to his IG followers, referencing Ye's now-deleted Drink Champs interview. "Chill with that shit. Don’t even be talking ’bout Jay-Z and Beyonce ’bout to back you up in your campaign in 2024. Uncle Trump finna be back in office. That’s the real one. They need to fuck around and let Trump be president forever, like them muthafuckas in Korea and shit. They don’t let a nigga go four years and shit, eight years. We need [Donald Trump] ass to gon’ head and run his motion.”

He continued, “When you put a nigga in office, I assume, it be a lot of shit they want to do for the world, for the country, for all that shit. When you put a muthafucka in office, it’s a lot of shit they trying to change and turn around. By the time the next nigga come and do his four years, it’s going one way then it turn around. Let a nigga do what he really trying to do. Y’all only giving a nigga four years. That ain’t enough time to do nothing for no change. The world is big as fuck. The United States is big as fuck. And America be way in other countries doing shit. Y’all gotta let DT run his motion.”

Of course, Kodak Black’s fondness of Donald Trump comes from the former president commuting Yak’s prison sentence for his federal gun charge after Kodak only served about half of his 46-month stint. Kodak has spoken highly of Trump ever since, whenever given the opportunity. This past January, Kodak celebrated one year of freedom by thanking Trump in an Instagram video while wearing a custom MAGA hat.

Kanye West has cemented himself as the most polarizing figure in hip-hop in the month of October with his controversial statements and anti-Semitic rhetoric. It appears he still plans on making a run at the presidency in the next election.

Check out Video of Kodak Black Blasting Kanye West and Supporting Trump Below

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