King Chip has no problem letting you know exactly how he likes to spend his days. Chip's new Blended Babies-produced single 'Lazy & Lucrative' sees the Cleveland rapper bragging about his slacker lifestyle, counting his money while relaxing without a care in the world. Chip's sluggish flow and the Blended Babies' hypnotic instrumental perfectly fit the concept of the song.

Chip raps, "We go to work just so we can chill / I don't go to work, so I just chill / Not moving a muscle is a thrill / Not moving a muscle's such a thrill / And yeah n---a, super chill / Car go fast, but I'm still sitting still / Yeah n---a, super real / I'll tell you how I see it, I ain't tripping how you feel / Lift the blunt up to my lips / S--t is strong, got give this kush a kiss / My life is effortless, they ain't f--king with this.

This track will not appear on any specific project, but is considered a preview of what to expect on King Chip's upcoming 'Clevelafornia' album as well as the Blended Babies' debut offering 'Featuring' due out later this year. But if you just can't get enough of this song, you can cop now on iTunes.

Listen to King Chip's 'Lazy & Lucrative'