Saw this over at Barcroft Media Im not sure if this is a comedy skit or not but either way its funny.

Jessica Vanessa is a professional twerker who is making big bucks by shaking her booty. The 22-year-old social media superstar captivates audiences from around the world with her hypnotic assets. The former teaching assistant is now paid by companies to mention their products to her 2m online followers in-between her twerking and comedy Vines.

I think this is a joke.... I highly doubt she is making 6 figures from twerking.... from who and where ? The story just gets extra ridiculous at 2:25 when she breaks down because the "world" doesn't want her to twerk. If her family supports her and she is making six figures... there is no way she would care what anyone had to say. That just makes the whole video even more unbelievable.

If this woman is making 6 figures from twerking, then these women in the video below deserve to be millionaires.....