Rumor has it that Kim Kardashian was being shot by Vogue photographers in Los Angeles on Sunday (Feb. 2).

Kanye West has been jawing about his baby mama deserving a cover forever, while the fashion bible's steely editor Anna Wintour wasn't having any of it. Yeezy reportedly gave her an earful about Lena Dunham getting a cover, since the actress is not known as a fashion plate.

But then again, Dunham is a critically acclaimed writer whose artfully constructed TV show 'Girls' speaks to millions of women on a deeper level, than, say, a TV show where cameras follow a family of people around.

Now, a source told Jezebel that "they're in L.A. shooting her RIGHT NOW."

Maybe it's something other than a cover shoot? We just can't envision Wintour giving into Yeezy's demands that Kardashian, who is a reality star with a clothing line at Sears, get a cover. It seems very hasty, and we can't imagine what chips Yeezy could have "kashed" in to make this happen.

While Kim is lovely and sweet, Vogue traffics in higher brow fashion culture.

Wintour has not given Victoria Beckham, a legit and well-respected high fashion designer, a cover. She also reportedly canceled Miley Cyrus' planned cover over her VMA antics. Kim did come to prominence via a sex tape, so we can't imagine that Wintour wouldn't take that into consideration, as well.

Us Weekly reports that the rumor is false and that no shoot took place.