We're keeping our eyes peeled for horsemen of the apocalypse. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West haven't spawned just yet, but they're taking one of the logical steps that precede it: They got a kitten. And she named it Mercy, after the hard-hittin' Yeezy track. It's only appropriate considering he named 'Perfect B----' after Kim, right?


To be fair, the kitten is freakin' adorable -- a tiny, fluffy little white thing with bright blue eyes and an adorbs pink nose. The kitten is a Teacup Persian, perhaps an ode to Kardashian's own Middle Eastern roots (her lineage hails from Armenia). Kardashian debuted her "new baby" on Twitter (where else?), where the precious little critter got a ton of love from her fans.

Getting a pet is a big step for a couple, so once Kardashian finally finalizes that pesky divorce from Kris Humphries (her relationship with West has already surpassed the span of her 72-day circus of a marriage), we wouldn't be shocked to hear more wedding bells for the starlet and her boo. We wouldn't even mind if this wedding were televised, especially if their BFFs Jay-Z and Beyonce (well, sort of) show up. But we could do without a honeymoon video.

Something we would like to see on reality TV, though? If Kimye get a female puppy, maybe she'll name it after 'Perfect B----.' After all, it'd only be literal -- and probably fitting.

Watch the Kanye West + G.O.O.D Music 'Mercy' Video