Kid Cudi gets real in the February/March issue of Complex magazine. The cover boy reveals why we don't hear much of him on G.O.O.D. Music's 'Cruel Summer' album and also how a recent breakup had him spiraling down ward and caused him to become dependent on prescription drugs.

On 'Cruel Summer,' Cudi's only heard on the track 'Creepers,' which was something he had in the cut for sometime. The Ohio native says the powers that be -- Kanye West -- had a certain vision for the album. Apparently he didn't quite fit.

"Whatever that vision was didn’t include much of me," he states. "I was bummed because I could’ve contributed. I’m a good asset. But he had a different vision. Everyone that was showcased on the album did their thing and they needed that at that time. The energy was on some hip-hop shit. I was on 'WZRD' doing my rock shit. But I’m not tripping."

The rapper also explained how going through a breakup led him to begin using pills as a way to escape his pain.

"I took a trip on antidepressant lane for a little bit," he said. "After the 'WZRD' song 'Dr. Pill' everyone thought I was talking about molly or ecstasy. But I’m talking about prescription meds. I had just gotten a shrink. I was having an emotional breakdown with this breakup. I kept trying different pills for five months. It f---ed me up."

Cudi was also in the news back in November 2012, for losing a child custody battle against his daughter's mother. She now has full responsibility of their child; Cudi has visitation rights and must pay child support.

The rapper's third studio album, 'Indicud,' drops in March. His Complex cover hits stands Feb. 4.

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