Out of all the crazy hip-hop news you've heard this week, we promise you this one is definitely for the books.

Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates has revealed that he's in a romantic relationship with his cousin, and believe it or not, he seems proud of it.

The 'I Don't Get Tired' creator took to his Instagram account and explained why he's having sexual relations with one of his family members. "N--- be talking about, yeah, y'all look like brother and sister," he said. "S--- no. I'm f---in' the s--- out of her. Come to find out, she my cousin. Ya heard me. But I ain't about to stop f---in' with her. The p---- good and we click."

Not surprisingly, the video quickly received a host of comments, blasting the the 28-year old. People called him everything from weird to incestuous. Here's another thing that's strange: even though Gates took to his own Instagram account and announced the peculiar news himself, he told those who spoke negatively about him to mind their own business.

"Man, y'all going to stay out my muthaf---in' business," he barked. "So you mean to tell me if you been f----in' with somebody for three months, everything beautiful and your grandmother come tell you one day, 'You know, that's your cousin.' Y'all done got the hard part out the way. Why f--- up a good thing?"

This is very strange reasoning to say the least.

Watch Kevin Gates admit to having sex with his cousin above.

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