A security guard's reaction to Kevin Gates imitating and describing sex acts at a recent show has gone viral.

On Monday (Nov. 14), TikTok user rayyprice shared a clip of the Baton Rouge, La. rapper's recent show on the video sharing app, which he stamped, "Wait 'til you see the security guard's reaction." In the snippet, Gates is between songs and speaking directly to the crowd about how he gets down in the bedroom.

"When I get me just a little beautiful little bitch," Kevin Gates begins. "I need you to stand right in front of me and look in the mirror and lock your knees all the way back and arch your ass all the way up. See, I got a big long tongue. I just wanna kiss you on your booty cheek. And I like to swipe the credit card. For those of you that don't know what swiping the credit card is, I got a big long tongue, I just wanna go up and down the crack of your ass," he continues while the crowd goes wild.

The video then captures the reaction of a security guard manning the front of the stage. He appears to smirk while Kevin Gates is waxing poetic about his sexual escapades. Seconds later, he appears to shake his head and chuckle as Gates continues.

Kevin Gates' shows have been known to be for mature audiences only. Over the summer, he went viral after video surfaced from one of his performances that featured Gates graphically describing and imitating coitus, which prompted comedian Druski to joke that Gates should be locked up.

See Video of a Security Guard's Reaction to Kevin Gates' Sexually Explicit Show Below

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