Rapper Kevin Gates doing a video for his single 'Posed To Be In Love' seems like an odd choice on the surface. The catchy hook has turned the 'By Any Means' cut into a fan favorite, but the song is a vivid tale of domestic violence. It's hard to understand what message Gates is trying to send here as the video does little to make you think it's more than an ode to such abusive relationships.

This music video presented an opportunity to make his intentions clear, but instead do nothing to quell thoughts that the song is anything more than endorsement of domestic violence. Perhaps, as Gates likes to say, he's just all up in his feelings and there's no method to his madness.

The video stars 'Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta' star Erica Pinkett as the victim in a strenuous relationship. The viewer sees the tension build and finally result in a violent outcome. The visuals leaves some of it to the imagination, unlike Gates' verses.

"How the f--- is you, why the f--- is you falling all in yo feelings / No understanding that I'm ignorant, you probably say that I'm tripping / Throw the left hand, you duck that one, this right bitch won't miss you," he raps. "Beat a bitch like Chris Brown, go back to jail, no quitting / No surrender no retreat, park the whip, hop out on feet / Me and her brother juuged together, he better not get in my business / This s--- serious, if you with it, s--- get injured did I mention / How I'm rocking, you gone pop me or it's back to penitentiary."

The song's concept and video's portrayal evoke more questions than answers, but that may be exactly what Gates hoped to accomplish. Kevin Gates manages to be brutally honest, yet extremely coy which has made him one of the more interesting rappers in the game today.