Kevin Gates is making waves more for his peculiar habits and outrageous statements than his actual music. The Baton Rouge, La., native is back in the news again due to his eyebrow-raising antics and the controversy includes Instagram, which the rapper has used as his platform of choice to share his exploits.

While Gates was supposedly in the studio listening to beats this week, he posted a short video clip of him eating what appears to be buds of marijuana before using his catchphrase, "I don't get tired."

Eating weed isn't as uncommon as you would think with the business of edible marijuana-based products booming. However, Kevin opts to skip the baking and cooking process and munch on actual buds of loud, which we can tell you isn't the most pleasant experience for your taste buds.

After watching Gates' fill up on bud above, listen to his latest release on the rapping side of things with his new Millz and Zar-produced track, 'The Law.'

Listen to Kevin Gates' 'The Law'

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