Kevin Gates had a hard time keeping his composure during a recent interview and laughed himself into tears.

Kevin Gates was a guest on the new episode of Barstool Sports' Sundae Conversation With Caleb Pressley on Sunday (Oct. 30). Caleb's interviews are very non-serious and revolve around him asking guests funny and awkward questions. Apparently, Gates didn't get the memo.

The interview begins with Kevin Gates being asked about his practice of semen retention. Gates first laughs out loud when the host asks him to rhyme pineapple with orange, which draws a chuckle from the Khaza rhymer. The subject then moves to tattoos, and Gates admits he is about to get his "whole ass" tattooed, minus the crack.

"I done seen dudes do the crack, I'm good," Gates says at the 3:20-mark of the interview. "Just let me do my asscheeks. I'm cool."

In the next segment, Gates is tasked with guessing if the show's portly cohost is doing dance moves from Elvis Presley or Gates' own sexually simulating actions onstage. After the guy gives his best impression of Gates' "dick all in her stomach" dance, the Baton Rouge, La. rapper doubles over in laughter and can't stop himself.

"Forgive me," Kevin Gates tells the hosts while wiping away tears. "I was trying keep my composure. But I'm still thinking about him, I'm still thinking about what you was talking about earlier. Forgive me."

"I really came into the interview thinking this was gonna be serious," Gates adds as the tears continue. "My team ain't even tell me nothing. They was like, 'Yeah, this going to be a real serious interview'...Yeah, they tricked me."

Kevin Gates says some wild things in interviews. For someone to have him in stitches is an impressive feat.

Watch Kevin Gates' Interview on Sundae Conversation With Caleb Pressley Below

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