Asking a celeb to accompany you to a formal is not original.

Military balls. Prom. High school dances. You name it. Taylor Swift and others get asked to accompany civilians to fancy dances, which, while a nice human interest story, can be problematic, since there are security issues and if a celeb says "no," they look like a jerk. Well, America's girl crush Jennifer Lawrence is the recipient of a hilarious request to attend a school dance and it's one we'd have trouble declining.

Nicholas Gray is a senior at Owensboro Catholic High School.

He is wearing a tux in his "ask" video, which was his first smooth move.

But then he showed off his winning personality, which is self-deprecating like J. Law is known to be. They are both from Kentucky and think school is kinda yucky. Gray, apparently, is also a poet!

He thinks school dances are the yuckiest. Well, he said "gross" but...

He has never seen more than two of her movies so his lips are not affixed to her butt in this video.

He says he is average looking, doesn't have class, has a funny smell and is a jerk sometimes. He also asked permission from Mama Lawrence, another classy and charming move.

Don't worry, Nicholas. If J. Law can't make it, we'll accompany you to prom... As long as you promise that we can make jokes at everyone else's expense.

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