Kendrick Lamar is on a heck of a roll. With his critically acclaimed sophomore effort, To Pimp a Butterfly, still buzzing, K. Dot continues his winning streak by releasing the music video for the triumphant album cut, "King Kunta."

Shot in the MC's hometown of Compton, Calif., the visual captures Kendrick taking us on a journey throughout the gutter of the city that N.W.A put on the map.

Opening with shots of the city's "Welcome to Compton" signs and K. Dot cruising in an old-school vehicle, him and his entourage pull up to a house, hop out and proceed to partake in a little bit of gangsta boogie.

Flanked by a pair of curvy females, Kendrick gets his party on with the neighborhood homies. Clad in a varsity jacket, white tee, blue jeans and an L.A. Dodgers cap -- which may be indicative of the area being Crips territory -- he mobs from the local corner store, to the Compton Fashion Center, and everywhere in between, making for a lively visual that embodies the aesthetic of where he comes from.

The first quarter of 2015 has undoubtedly been owned by Kendrick Lamar. In an age where attention spans are shorter than ever, the new "Face of the West" has managed to keep himself in the conversation on all fronts, from releasing dope visuals, engaging interviews and having the No. 1 album in the country for two weeks straight.

Holding all the cars in his hand, it's quite appropriate that "King Kunta" was chosen as the single because Kendrick is wearing the crown as the people's champ quite well.

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