Kelis and Nas were once a hip-hop fairytale couple, but the singer wants to make sure fans know that she will never, ever rekindle the flame.

Global Grind shares that a fan asked Kelis about her former boo on Instagram, urging the two to reconcile. "KELIS I LOVE YOU AND GLAD TO SEE YOU PUTTING YOUR FACE BACK OUT THERE!!! I hate what happened between you and nas but hey they say if you love them let them go and if they come back it will mean so much more!!! And I'm ready for some new tunes from you!!! @sausageandboots," the fan wrote.

The singer quickly responded, "I divorced his cheating behind lol I don't want him back at all thank you very much. But thanks for the concern boo lol."

Later, Kelis posted a photo on Instagram with the phrase: "I Make Grown Men Cry." When asked if she was referring to ex-husband, she said "No no no people, ain't nobody thinkin about him it's been years! Geez lol 4 years later, care to join me in the present friends ?"

Nas dished on his relationship troubles with Kelis in the song 'Bye Baby,' from his latest album 'Life Is Good.'