Kay Flock has retained the services of Jeffrey Lichtman, the high-powered New York lawyer who represented convicted drug kingpin Jaoquin "El Chapo" Guzman.

Lichtman announced the update in the case via Instagram on Wednesday (March 16). Sharing a picture of the incarcerated rapper, he captioned the IG post, "Very happy and honored to be representing #kayflock on the most serious of cases. A very talented kid, I’m looking forward to winning his trial. When the facts come out I think people will be shocked he was even charged."

Kay Flock commented under the post with heart emojis.

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jeffreylichtmanlaw2 via Instagram

The 18-year-old artist, born Kevin Perez, has been charged with the murder of Oscar Hernandez, 24. The incident reportedly occurred following a dispute outside a Harlem, N.Y. barbershop on Dec. 16, 2021. Initial reports of the incident state Hernandez was inside the barbershop on Amsterdam Ave. at W. 151st Street when Kay Flock entered the building and asked the victim what he was looking at. According to police, Hernandez left the shop to confront the rhymer. Hernandez was shot in the back and neck following an argument.

However, surveillance footage from outside the shop shows Flock and two people who appear to be young girls walking right past the barbershop, contrary to the initial report. The video then shows the victim walking out of the barbershop and following Flock. They both leave the scope of the camera for a few seconds before Hernandez stumbles back into view and falls to the ground, apparently shot. Kay Flock turned himself in to authorities on Dec. 23, 2021 after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Flock initially hired famed celebrity lawyer Scott Leemon, who professed the rapper's innocence. "We have begun our own investigation into these allegations," Leemon told XXL in a statement following the arrest. "More importantly, considering the DA's significant disclosure this morning that the NYPD received a tip saying someone else is the shooter, we demanded the DA's office provide prompt disclosure of the videos referenced in the complaint and more information on the tip."

Jeffrey Lichtman represented Mexican drug lord El Chapo during his 2018 federal trial in Brooklyn, N.Y. In 2019, El Chapo was found guilty on all charges including engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise, conspiracy to launder money, international distribution of cocaine and firearms charges. Lichtman's past clients also include former mobster John Gotti Jr.

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