Since Kanye West's unfinished CGI-made video for 'Black Skinhead' leaked online and was taken down, we've been waiting patiently for the official clip to premiere. However, one fan took it upon himself to create an inventive visual for Yeezy's song.

Montreal-born copywriter David Fuenz decided to waste some time on his five-hour train ride from Stockholm to Copenhagen and draw the lyrics from West's 'Black Skinhead' song in his moleskine notebook.

Afterward, Fuenz then uploaded his now viral video, which reveals the illustrations of each rap verse from the 'Yeezus' track. It's quite impressive.

After seeing West's unfinished video (and his CGI manhood), which was a little disappointing, we prefer this fan's version a whole lot more.

We think Kanye West will also appreciate Fuenz's creative vision. Watch the lyrics just leap off the page.

Bravo Mr. Fuenz!