Twitter was in a tizzy today (Jan. 25) as Kanye West posted a series of one-word tweets on his timeline. This is the first time the rapper-producer has written anything on the social media site since Jan. 7.

We posted a screenshot (pictured, left) just in case Yeezy gets antsy and decides to delete his account (we all know how unpredictable he can be). Unfortunately, none of his tweets make any sense. Succinctly, West tweeted seven words: "Functionality," "Awesomeness," "Soul," "Emotion," "Minimalism," "Beauty" and "Truth." So what does it all mean?

Who knows? If we were to speculate, we think West is describing his boo Kim Kardashian and how she is developing into motherhood since she is carrying his seed. Pregnancy is a functionality for life, right? Or, it could be a description of the snowy weather that is currently gripping the Northeast right now. Snow is kind of awesome, right?

In the end, the G.O.O.D. Music honcho decided to tweet and isn't that news enough? West's reappearance caused such a frenzy on Twitter that it ignited a one-word trending topic where people joined West in tweeting incoherent one-word tweets. Now that's the power of social media, folks.

Thanks Kanye for disrupting the Twitter-verse before we kicked off our TGIF weekend. We can all rest easy now.

What do you think Kanye West's tweets mean? Tell us in the comments below.

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