If there's one thing Kanye West is well-versed in, it's drama. The rapper wiped his Twitter feed clean of previous messages and posted a cryptic date of "June Eighteen," thereby stoking the fires of our curiosity.

While the media is speculating that it's the date he will drop his new album, which leaves little set up time, we're left to wonder if that is the day his baby with Kim Kardashian will arrive? It could be the due date but of which? Record or baby? We'll see.

While the music fans in us hope it's the former, we also wish for the latter so his baby mama can stop stuffing her expanding baby bump into too-tight and unflattering leather outfits. She's trying for MILF status too soon. That needs to be earned after the baby is born.

So let's analyze what we know. First, West's tweet is below.

The rapper has been in Paris, working on music and his fashion line, all the while making time to jet -- literally -- to Kardashian's check ups.

Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg, who famously beefed with Nicki Minaj, said that "'Ye's label IDJ had a listening sesh among its personnel in New York and the staff loved it. He claims that those who've heard it have said that "it's dark but it's really good."

Also, the returning-to-prominence French EDM duo Daft Punk said they met up with West in the studio, calling their work together "raw" and describing his rapping as "screaming primally."

We want to know if there is a Ray J response track, since Ray released 'I Hit It First,' celebrating his status as Kardashian's first sex tape partner. Classy, we know.

But back to 'Ye and his music. Yeezy last released a solo album in the form of 2010's 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.' Then there was the 2011 Watch the Throne record with Jay-Z.

It's a fertile time for West, both personally and professionally.

He's becoming a father for the first time this summer. He's performing on the season finale of 'SNL' on May 18. He's probably giving us new music, too.

He'll have two babies to tend to this summer. That'd be the child, rumored to be a girl they want to name North, and a new album, which was rumored to be titled 'I Am God.'

'Ye is all about the hubris at times. Just give us some deets and some tunes. Until then, we've got June 18 circled in a big red heart on our calendars.

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