How can a lawyer get a subpoena to a busy and hard-to-find man like Kanye West? Divorce attorneys for Kris Humphries took a unique approach when they had it delivered to the fashion-conscious rapper at Kim Kardashian‘s house inside a Nordstrom box, TMZ reports.

Humphries’ attorneys want to interview West and nearly three dozen others before they agree to a court date to finalize the divorce between Humphries and Kardashian, who married last August but split 72 days later. Kim’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, told the judge about the Nordstrom surprise in a hearing today.

Wasser is frustrated about the endless delays and says Kardashian just wants the divorce to be official, according to USA Today. But the basketball player’s attorney says he needs at least four more months to interview West and others to gather enough evidence to prove that Kim got married simply for the benefit of her reality show. The next court date has been set for Nov. 28, which means this drama is likely going to drag on into 2013.

Kanye loves to incorporate his own life experiences into his music — he just wrote a song about Kim called ‘My Perfect B—-,’ after all — so it will be interesting to see whether he mentions the subpoena incident on his next album. Hmm, are there any phrases that rhyme with “Nordstrom box?”

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