Kanye West is not only working on one, but two movies about Yeezus. The controversial rapper, who is already collaborating with famed director Bret Easton Ellis on a Yeezus film, just released the trailer for an upcoming movie about his Yeezus tour.

Not much is known about the Yeezus tour flick, except that it is directed by Hype Williams, who has previously worked with West on a number of different projects, including his short film 'Runaway.'

The trailer, which is now streaming on West's website, shows a wide variety of clips from the tour interspersed with shots of nature, including wild horses stomping through snow and a tree in the shadow of a blood-red sunset. Of course, West (and his many extravagant costume changes) is prominently featured in the preview, which is set to his song 'Coldest Winter.' Ironically, 'Coldest Winter' is not actually a track from West's 'Yeezus' album, but a tune from his fourth studio effort, '808s and Heartbreak.'

Watch the trailer here.