Kanye West going on a rant is nothing new. The rapper took the stage in Newark, N.J. on Saturday, Feb. 15 to deliver a 12-minute soliloquy about the trajectory of his career, his fellow rappers and the media's fear of interracial relationships. He was actually quite funny in several parts.

'Ye demonstrated a bit of self-awareness that we're not used to, since it's often buried in comments about his greatness. If we were giving out awards, this would be his Best Rant. We were engrossed the entire time and it didn't grind to a screeching halt.

North's father called what he does "well-thought out art" and said he knows it's improper etiquette to call himself a genius in the media. Well, at least he recognizes!

He also took a few shots at the media, including 'SNL,' which has to be a reference to the 'Waking Up With Kimye' skit that posits Yeezy as the puppet master behind his fiancee Kim Kardashian.

Yeezy also spoke about being a creative Gemini and how the rap tours are the ones that are selling out and enjoying success, something he does not want to bogart.

He also claimed that the media is afraid of interracial relationships, assuring fans that he is not upset and remains very happy.

West challenged the media to "write that motherf--king headline when you try to make me look like a maniac or an animal, because you afraid of interracial relationships, because you afraid of the future, because you afraid of a rapper that was raised by two educated parents."

The ball is in your court, media headline writers!

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