Kanye West was quite revealing during his final show at the Revel Hotel in Atlantic City, N.J., on Sunday (Dec. 30). Along with announcing he was going to be a new dad in 2013, the rapper also spit a freestyle about his critics, his kilt and his art, among other things.

While performing 'Clique,' Yeezy stopped the music and went on to rap for a 10-minute-long rant about the criticisms he received for wearing a kilt during the 12-12-12 concert. "If I show up to this motherf---er and express myself creatively / They always want to say I'm crazy, see," West raps. "And when they are so distressed / What would be the best thing to write, how about this: Kanye West wears a dress, yes."

The 35-year-old G.O.O.D. Music head honcho also added that his grandfather, who is 97 years old, admitted he never saw his grandson "get down like that" and had no problem with the fact he wore a "dress."

Elsewhere, the 'Mercy' rapper also talked about critics wondering why he would show his women's fashion line in Paris despite unfavorable reviews. "It's not that I don't give a f--- … it's that I'm not giving up," he rhymes. "It's not that I'm crazy, I'm just not satisfied / And, I, would die for what I believe in."

West also addressed reactions from both fans and critics alike over two masks he wore during the three shows he performed at Revel. The rapper-producer believes that naysayers are trying to distract the audience from viewing real showmanship onstage by drawing attention to the masks.

Finally, West encourage the sold-out crowd to do want they want to do in life and not listen to what other people think about their decisions. "Michael Jackson died from a lack of information," he told the audience. "From motherf---ers being around him, lying to him, acting like s--- is okay."

"So you do whatever the f--- you want to do. And if somebody tells you, you can't do it, man, say, 'Who the f--- are you?!" he continued. "You only got one life that you know about. Time is something you can never get back."