Kanye West is as famous for blacking out on the paparazzi as he is for making inventive music, so when a French photographer brazenly approached him and wife-to-be Kim Kardashian, things could have gotten really ugly really fast.

Especially since the guy was eyeing his fiancée's undergarments. "Underwears, very beautiful," said the camera man in broken English. Apparently, the famous couple were passing a lingerie shop on the street, but it was unclear whether the photographer was talking about the undergarments in the window or the ones on Kardashian.

The foolish comment immediately caused a serious glance from the 'New Slaves' rapper, but somehow he still managed to maintain his cool. "Don't say that to us while we're shopping please," said Kanye. He even said "please."

The video also shows the Chicago native and his reality star lady exiting a French restaurant, where a number of fans and paparazzi await them. Again, the eccentric producer kept calm while being hounded for autographs and photos.

When an American fan approaches and asks Yeezy to sign his famous Nike Red October sneakers, the rapper obliges, but still kind of disses him in a way. But it was all playful. "These are not real though. You know that, right?" said West, after the fan said he's a huge fan and begged for an autograph.

Just another day in the life of Mr. West.

Watch Kanye West Sign Fake Nike Red October Sneakers