Kanye West is set to debut his Yeezy Season 4 collection on Sept. 7 on the opening day New York Fashion Week so, of course he needs models. On Saturday (Sept. 3), the mercurial rapper-producer posted a casting call on his Twitter account that has people up in arms.

The message reads: “Multiracial women only, no makeup, please come as you are.”

Now as ambiguous as the description sounds, some folks have criticized West for subliminally requesting women who are light-skinned, thus excluding females who are dark-skinned.

The fashion industry has been criticized for their colorism when it comes to hiring female models. Lately, there has been some diversity on the runway, but there's still need to be a balance when it comes to having a fair representation of ethnicity in the fashion game.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are several people who have accused West of being racist against white women.

"Most of African Americans are multiracial. It's just a code for no white women," wrote one follower. Another person tweeted, "If you want lightskin girls you coulda just said that. You gone be shook when darkskin multiracial women show up."

West hasn't responded to the outcry and apparently plenty of women showed up at the casting call, which is being held in New York today (Sept. 4). Some see it as an opportunity to break into the modeling business.

We posted a screen capture of Kanye West's offending tweet (just in case he deletes it) and the Twitter reactions below.