North West is stunting like her daddy. Kanye West has bought his little girl a mini Lamborghini just like the one he purchased

Mama Kim Kardashian posted a photo of the matching Lambos on her Instagram with the caption, "Like father like daughter." This is just the latest awesome gift baby North has scored this holiday. Last week, Kim shared other goodies sent to her daughter from famous fashion friends like Hermes and Charlotte Olympia. Must be nice.

Elsewhere, Kanye has vowed that next year he's turning over a new leaf and will stop "s--- talking." On Dec. 23, he told the Toronto crowd at his Yeezus tour stop that he's done with his famous rants come 2014. Yes, you heard that right. "This might be the last time y'all hear me talk s--- for a long time. Might be another, like, six months. At least. You're just gonna have to run back the interviews and s--- if you wanna hear some realness," the rapper said, referring to himself as the world's "crazy ass cousin."

Watch Kanye West Give Up on Ranting