Kanye West blacks out in his CGI-made video for 'Black Skinhead,' one of the standout tracks from his polarizing 'Yeezus' album.

The video itself features a shirtless Yeezy rapping his lines with only his necklaces glittering off his muscular body. West is also seen rapping with a face mask on -- we've seen him do this before. Yawn.

There are other visual effects in the clip including barking dogs and a cameo appearance from King Kong. And, not to mentioned his CGI-version of his manhood.

It's not the most fascinating clip that West has ever done. In some ways, it's rather disappointing. The Huffington Post suggests that the video may still be a work in progress, which might explain why the visual was initially removed from West's official website.

Whatever it is, we hope that Yeezy reconsiders shooting another video for 'Black Skinhead' -- this time in full color.