"Everybody has to stand up and get on their feet and welcome my husband, Kanye West!" And so Kim Kardashian announced Kanye West's 2015 BRIT Awards performance of "All Day."

It's a good thing that the performance came with a warning -- "Please be aware the following performance may feature explicit content" flashed across the screen -- because the BRITs were not censoring anything, including the multiple N-words that Yeezy dropped during the number.

And since no Kanye West number is complete without a little craziness on the stage, he performed with an enormous mob of dancers, including one guy who was all about the pyrotechnics and kept shooting off some serious flames, making Kanye's face light up and glow orange. Pretty cool!

While we were secretly hoping that Taylor Swift would hop onstage in a crazy unexpected surprise duet -- after all, Kanye did reveal that the two are collaborating -- she instead was chillin' in the audience, shaking it off like she loves to do at awards shows. Of course, she was standing right next to Kim Kardashian, who was also letting a little loose during her husband's performance -- albeit a bit more conservatively than T. Swift. But hey, she got everyone on their feet -- and Kanye told fed off of the audience's energy.

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