Kanye appeared on Big Boy’s Neighborhood in Los Angeles yesterday morning. He talked about Kendrick Lamar joining his tour, a pact with Jay Z to only perform Watch the Throne songs together, the meaning of his Yeezus song, Blood on the Leaves, and his fear, or lack thereof, of death.

The Chicago emcee is typically a blow-hard, so take it with a grain of salt. But Kanye claims he’s not afraid of death. Although he says he has a lot to live for in the now, he imagines himself reuniting with his deceased mother once he passes through the pearly gates.

“I believe that I’ma see my mother again. I believe that heaven’s gonna be a beautiful place. But God has provided me with a beautiful child, a beautiful wife, some amazing friends and some amazing challenges too.”

He’s not officially married to Kim yet, but he proposed earlier this month. He recently defended his relationship with Kim, most notably on her mother’s show, Kris, saying he loves her and doesn’t care what people think it could to do his personal or professional life because “she’s worth it to me.”

Kanye is back on the road with his Yeezus tour this Friday.