It’s beyond OFFICIAL!!! Mr. West is officially a Kardashian Klone. If you had any doubt, doubt no more. Kayne West is now wearing clothes designed by the Kardashians.

I was just getting use to the whole KimYe thing and now… smh… OVER THE TOP! Kayne is known for his exquisite taste in fashion and I’m sure he would S**T on most of us but the whole Kardashian attire…. Ugh, yeah – that one’s all you bruh.

Next, we’ll see ‘Ye getting a facelift a-la Bruce Jenner, demand to be traded from his label to another a-la Lamar Odom, appear on Dancing With The Stars a-la Rob Kardashian and pretend like fashion is more important than school a-la whatever Kim’s little sisters are named.