In the loving spirit of Valentine's Day, K. Michelle releases new music for her devoted fans with a the mixtape ‘Still No F---s Given.’

Following the sound and visual advice for 'Can't Raise A Man,' the singer born Kimberly Pate partnered with DJ Sense -- the producer/DJ who helmed her 2012 effort '0 F---s Given' -- for another round of unearthed, heartfelt melodies, stemming from her soul.

“K. Michelle felt like she still had more to get off her chest,” DJ Sense told “The Rhythm and Streets brand is known for merging edge with smooth sounds which is synonymous with K. Michelle. We had great chemistry before so I thought it just made sense for us to work together again.”

Living up to the title of fearless rebellious soul, K. Michelle calls out industry folk on 'Justin Bieber' and puts her middle finger in the air on the appropriate title 'F--- You.'

Stream K. Michelle's new music below.

Listen to K. Michelle's 'Still No F---s Given' Mixtape