Two of the biggest R&B divas got a chance meeting at a NYC radio station as they were both there at the same time interviewing. See K Michelle's reaction to meeting Mary J Blige!

Mary J Blige is adored & looked up to by fans of two decades & one of those fans include K. Michelle. Check out K Michelle's humble yet excited reaction to meeting her idol.

“Hi Mary,” said a nervous K. “I’m K. Michelle and I really love you. I really, really, really love you, and I thank you.”

“You made me want to be a singer. I thank you for everything. You are absolutely amazing”.

I must say though, Mary J Blige must get this all the time & it probably does get old for a diva such as herself. Do you think her reaction was a little awkward? LOL

It still would be nice to see a collabo here. Who knows maybe Mary thinks K Michelle is takin $$ out of her pocket! LOL Watch now!